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About me
Yuji Karuhaka

Product Designer based out of Irvine, CA.

I am passionate about creating human-centric solutions that have the potential to improve the quality of life of those in need.

Integrating patient-care and UX design.

About Me

Prior to UX/UI, I worked at a healthcare clinic for two years after college. I cherished the opportunity to work directly with diverse individuals and assist them in overcoming obstacles. My role involved guiding patients through exercise programs focused on full rehabilitation. As we progressed, I iterated on the programs based on their feedback, ensuring a fully tailored and functional experience. However, the app we used was occasionally confusing and unresponsive. I believed that enhancing its user-friendliness would motivate patients to engage more actively with their exercises outside the clinic.

This realization led me to discover the realm of UX/UI design—a role that harmonizes creative and analytical skills, which I had long envisioned. Inspired, I took the leap and transitioned from healthcare to the product design industry. Throughout this transition, I aim to maintain the same empathetic outlook I cultivated while working in healthcare. My focus is to empathize with and understand the perspectives of those I design for, ensuring an unbiased and compassionate approach.

How I work

My process

To me, UX/UI design is about creating solutions that significantly enhance people's everyday lives. By prioritizing their concerns, actively listening, asking relevant questions, and exploring new possibilities, we aim to make a positive and meaningful impact in the world. The essence of this role lies in serving the people, empowering them, and fostering a better environment for everyone.



I start by diving deep into the problem space and getting to know the users, their needs, and the overall context. I conduct interviews, surverys, and research to gain insights and uncover opportunities for improvement. By truly understanding the users and their challenges, I can empathize with them and identify how to make their lives easier.



After gathering all the information, it's time to define the problem and set clear goals for the project to eventually lead to a solution. By defining the problem and goals upfront, I can stay focused and ensure that my design efforts are purposeful.



I start generating ideas and exploring different solutions. I brainstorm, sketch, and create wireframes and prototypes to bring my ideas to life. I believe in iterative design, so I gather feedback from users and refine my concepts accordingly.



Once the design is ready, it's time to finalize and prepare the product for implementation. I create interactive prototypes and pay close attention to the user experience, making sure everything is consistent, accessible, and easy to use. Additional user testing helps validate the design before launch.

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